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What Is a Collaborative Divorce?

David Kowalski is a member of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin. Collaborative law is designed to ensure a divorce process free of court disputes. The negotiation of terms of a divorce can often become emotionally taxing for all parties involved, including children. A collaborative divorce begins with both spouses signing a binding agreement […]

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When Happens If Your Spouse Tries to Hide Assets During the Divorce Process?

If your spouse hides assets during the divorce process, it is illegal. When a financial disclosure statement is filled out, one must sign it under oath. Therefore, lying on the financial disclosure statement is considered perjury under Wisconsin law. The Wisconsin Statutes specifically state, “complete disclosure of assets and debts is required by law and […]

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Financial Disclosure in a Wisconsin Divorce

In a Wisconsin divorce, each spouse is required to issue a financial disclosure statement, which identifies all assets at hand. The list of assets Wisconsin couples are required to disclose include, but are not limited to, “real estate savings accounts, stocks and bonds, mortgages and notes, life insurance” and “retirement interests”. You can view more […]

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