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Military income available for child support

Military servicemembers receive various forms of pay.  A parent working with his/her divorce or child custody lawyer must be aware of the meaning and availability of those forms of pay. Basic pay:   this is the servicemember’s pay, equivalent to a salary for civilian employees. Basic allowance for housing (BAH):  military housing allowance based on […]

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What is a COAP in a Wisconsin military divorce?

A COAP is shorthand for Court Order Acceptable for Processing.  This document is an order, separate from a Wisconsin divorce judgment, that the military requires to divide military retired pay between ex-spouses.  When a military member is divorced, the court grants a judgment.  The spouses’ property will be allocated in that judgment.  Since a servicemember’s […]

The Impact of Domestic Violence on Legal Custody Orders in Wisconsin: Follow-Up

This blog entry will provide a more in-depth discussion about the ways domestic violence can impact legal custody determinations, in Wisconsin. When domestic violence is part of a relationship, making decisions together as parents can be impossible, and it stands to reason that a parent who has abused the other should not make major decisions […]

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Wisconsin child custody rules for military servicemembers

Military servicemembers should be aware of a few rules related to child custody issues in Wisconsin. First, the Uniformed Soldier’s and Sailor’s Civil Relief Act provides some protections for active duty servicemembers facing a divorce filing in Wisconsin.  The Act permits an active duty servicemember to delay a divorce, child custody, or support matter during […]

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Health insurance in Wisconsin military divorce

After divorce, many spouses of military servicemembers worry that he/she will lose health insurance (known as Tricare).    Whether a spouse can keep health insurance after the divorce depends on several factors.  Tricare ends on the date of divorce, except as follows: Option 1: The “20-20-20” Rule If the former spouse servicemember: 1. has 20 […]

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Allotments in Wisconsin military divorce

A knowledgeable Wisconsin divorce lawyer can use military allotments to resolve difficult payment issues for divorcing spouses.  An allotment is a specific amount of money that a servicemember can direct the military to pay to a creditor directly from his/her paycheck.  Allotments can be either voluntary or involuntary. The military has very strict regulations regarding […]

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