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Financial Disclosure in a Wisconsin Divorce

In a Wisconsin divorce, each spouse is required to issue a financial disclosure statement, which identifies all assets at hand. The list of assets Wisconsin couples are required to disclose include, but are not limited to, “real estate savings accounts, stocks and bonds, mortgages and notes, life insurance” and “retirement interests”. You can view more […]

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Service of documents on military members stationed overseas in a Wisconsin divorce

Serving a military member stationed overseas with Wisconsin divorce or other family court papers must be handled carefully. Service must comply with United States federal and state court procedures. It is also wise to review service requirements or restrictions of the foreign country. For example, unlike the United States, some countries may restrict who can […]

Grandparent Visitation Rights

What are your visitation rights as a grandparent in Wisconsin? Certain criteria must be present in order for visitation rights to be granted. Such criteria includes the determination that the grandparent would not interfere with decisions pertaining to the child’s physical, emotional, educational or spiritual wellbeing. Another factor that must be present is proof that […]

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