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Discovery in Wisconsin Family Actions

If you are involved in a Wisconsin divorce, paternity action, or a dispute about legal custody, physical placement and support of a minor child, you have probably heard about the discovery process. A party to a Wisconsin family action, such as a divorce, may choose to undertake formal discovery, to find out more information about […]

Legal Custody

Misconceptions exist, as to what legal custody of a child is and means. Many times, in a divorce or paternity proceeding, a parent will come into the divorce or paternity process asking for “full custody.”  There is no such term, under Wisconsin law. Also surprising to parents at the outset of a divorce or paternity […]

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Planning for Divorce

Making the decision that your marriage is over and that divorce is your best option is difficult for everyone. Generally, people don’t think to plan for divorce as they would for any number of other major life events. Planning for divorce could make the divorce process much easier for you, cut down on how much […]

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Enforcing Support Orders

A court order in a divorce, separation or paternity action can instruct one party to make ongoing payments to the other, in various ways. Common examples are child support payments and spousal support (maintenance payments). Unfortunately, it is common for a party entitled to receive child support or maintenance to not receive payments, as ordered. […]

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Uncontested Divorce

There are many benefits to filing jointly for divorce, but there are also some potential pitfalls to be aware of, as you move through the process. A divorce can be filed as a contested matter, with one party as the Petitioner and one as the Respondent. A divorce can also be filed as an uncontested […]

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Keeping Costs Low During Divorce

One of the first questions people ask divorce attorneys is how much money the divorce process will ultimately cost them. It makes sense to want to know how to budget for legal fees incurred during a divorce, and it’s normal to want to be able to expect a total divorce cost, when all is said […]

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Temporary Orders

Filing for divorce or legal separation can result in a lot of changes taking place within a very short time. Often, at the time of filing, the parties live together, and a decision must be made about who remains living in the marital residence. The parties to a divorce or separation may share expenses and […]

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