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Child Relocation in Wisconsin

A parent involved in a case regarding relocation of a child more than 100 miles away from the other parent should consult Wisconsin Statute 767.481. Recent changes to the statute affect cases commenced after April 5, 2018. If…

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Jurisdiction issues in Wisconsin military divorce

Because military service members often relocate several times during their service, it can be difficult to choose the correct state to file a divorce.  In Wisconsin, for example, a spouse must live in Wisconsin for six months, and…

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Wisconsin Child Support

One of the most contested issues in any paternity case, separation, or divorce is child support. In order to determine what support payments should be made, if any, the court must first determine physical placement of the child….

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Use a Wisconsin family lawyer to draft a Wisconsin prenuptial agreement

I have noticed an increase in clients requesting assistance with interpreting and upholding Wisconsin prenuptial agreements.    Often, a client is facing a challenge from the other spouse who is trying to throw out the agreement.   In every case…

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Discovery in Wisconsin Family Actions

If you are involved in a Wisconsin divorce, paternity action, or a dispute about legal custody, physical placement and support of a minor child, you have probably heard about the discovery process. A party to a Wisconsin family…

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Guardianship of a Minor

A non-parent may obtain legal authority over a minor by obtaining a guardianship. A guardianship grants an individual “care and custody” of the child and typically occurs in cases in which a parent is unable to provide care…

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Enforcing Support Orders

A court order in a divorce, separation or paternity action can instruct one party to make ongoing payments to the other, in various ways. Common examples are child support payments and spousal support (maintenance payments). Unfortunately, it is…

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Keeping Costs Low During Divorce

One of the first questions people ask divorce attorneys is how much money the divorce process will ultimately cost them. It makes sense to want to know how to budget for legal fees incurred during a divorce, and…

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Temporary Orders

Filing for divorce or legal separation can result in a lot of changes taking place within a very short time. Often, at the time of filing, the parties live together, and a decision must be made about who…

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Lawyers Gone Wild

Proving that stereotypes often have some truth to them. http://news.yahoo.com/harvard-professor-chinese-takeout-sichuan-garden-email-viral-161139427.html

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