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Lawyers Gone Wild

Proving that stereotypes often have some truth to them. http://news.yahoo.com/harvard-professor-chinese-takeout-sichuan-garden-email-viral-161139427.html

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Controlling Wisconsin Attorneys Fees

Wisconsin attorneys fees depend on the complexity of the case, the legal issues, the attorneys involved, and the personalities and needs of the parties.  In previous posts, I have written about steps that you, as a client, can…

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How can I lower my Wisconsin legal fees for family law?

Clients seeks the help of a family attorney when they are facing difficult and emotional concerns for themselves or their children.  Certain complex legal issues can no doubt become expensive. However, as a client, there are some actions you can take…

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Do I need a Dane County family lawyer to help with my case?

Retaining a Dane County family lawyer is not required, but it is highly recommended.  Wisconsin’s family court rules are contained in statutes, administrative rules, local Dane County rules, and case law.   Add to this the various unwritten rules and customs…

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Reasonable attorney fees in Wisconsin

For family lawyers and clients, ensuring reasonable attorney fees can  be a challenge.  One reason may be the issues faced by young lawyers, and frankly, lawyers in general.  The Wisconsin State Bar completed a report http://www.wisbar.org/NewsPublications/InsideTrack/Pages/Article.aspx?Volume=5&Issue=24&ArticleID=11251 demonstrating some of those…

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Can I make my spouse pay for my Wisconsin divorce lawyer?

Yes,  but it is not guaranteed in a Wisconsin divorce.   Wisconsin law allows a judge to order one spouse to assist in paying the other’s attorney’s fees in family cases (divorce, child support, paternity, etc.).   This usually happens in one of…

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How much will my Sauk County divorce cost?

The cost of a Sauk County divorce depends on many factors.  The value of the marital assets often has little relation to the cost of the divorce.  As a Sauk County divorce lawyer, I have represented clients of…

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