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Restraining Orders in Wisconsin

Making the decision to end an unhealthy relationship is always difficult. Whether you are navigating a divorce, legal separation or a break-up, transitions out of a troubled relationship are periods of high stress, high emotion and risk. If…

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How do I value a business in a Wisconsin divorce?

What happens to a family business in a Wisconsin divorce?   It is rare that both spouses play an active role in managing a family business.  So, the spouse who works in or manages the business is usually awarded…

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Marital Property and Wisconsin Divorce

If you are in the midst of divorce or legal separation in Wisconsin, you have probably heard the phrase, “Wisconsin is a community property state.” This means that, by default, the Wisconsin Court will divide marital property equally…

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Social Media and Divorce

For those in the midst of the process, divorce or legal separation is, almost universally, a stressful and challenging time. During a divorce or legal separation, it is understandable to want to share experiences and feelings with friends…

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Valuation of Assets in Wisconsin Divorce and Legal Separation

As part of any Wisconsin divorce or legal separation process, there will be a need to divide marital property between you and your spouse. Whether you are seeking a divorce or a legal separation, there is a presumption…

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US Supreme Court decision affects Wisconsin military divorce benefits.

Military retired pay is often the most substantial benefit accrued by a servicemember.   It is natural, therefore, that the division of military retired pay at divorce is often a source of dispute.  Your lawyer must fully understand the options…

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Discovery in Wisconsin Family Actions

If you are involved in a Wisconsin divorce, paternity action, or a dispute about legal custody, physical placement and support of a minor child, you have probably heard about the discovery process. A party to a Wisconsin family…

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Legal Custody

Misconceptions exist, as to what legal custody of a child is and means. Many times, in a divorce or paternity proceeding, a parent will come into the divorce or paternity process asking for “full custody.”  There is no…

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Planning for Divorce

Making the decision that your marriage is over and that divorce is your best option is difficult for everyone. Generally, people don’t think to plan for divorce as they would for any number of other major life events….

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Uncontested Divorce

There are many benefits to filing jointly for divorce, but there are also some potential pitfalls to be aware of, as you move through the process. A divorce can be filed as a contested matter, with one party…

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